Antoan Vill at the Clothing Machinery Fair 2018, Istanbul

Antoan Vill visited the „Clothing Machinery Fair” which was held for the 26th time in 20-23 September 2018. Antoan Vill`s team had the great opportunity to meet all the leading manufacturers of clothing, sewing and embroidery machines. It was the largest fair in the world organized on the subject of Clothing Machinery. The fair took place in a 98,000 sqm exhibition area with the participation of all global and Turkish manufacturers dealing in sewing, embroidery, cutting machines, irons and presses, and cad/cam systems. Participants were thrilled to welcome 36,000+ visitors at the fair where the latest innovations were showcased. Thousands of visitors coming from 73 countries around the world made significant purchases. Antoan Vill was one of them. Clothing machines are constantly improving its quality and functions – this is the biggest challenge that motivates Antoan Vill to implement all the latest technologies in its production. Antoan Vill is constantly aiming to improve the quality of its work in order to keep its position as one of the leading clothing manufacturers in the European market.



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