Antoan Vill at B2B meeting in Athnes, stage-managed by Human Resources Development Agency

Antoan Vill participated in B2B meeting with Textile Manufacturing, Clothing" direction, part of series of business missions, stage-managed by Human Resources Development Agency, together with HMA- Greece, LCCI Cyprus, GAUSS Institute- FYROM and CCP- Albania.

The meeting was held in Athnes, Greece between 25.02 - 28.02 2019. The business visit provided the oportunity of meeting representatives of companies with similar interests to ours, situated in the five sponsor countries. The purpose was to establish new conections and to set the foundations of new potential partnerships.

The meeting was a part of activities in connection with the project "BALKANMED E_BUSINESS PAGES - BALKANMED E-BP", BMP1/1.1./2608/2017" , sponsored by Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean Europena Regional Development Fund 2014-2020.