First quantities of safety facemasks are already available

A company from Ruse, Bulgaria called Antoan Vill began production of waterproof filters for facemasks. They are reusable and produced of special Bulgarian textile, which increases the level of protection from infectious diseases.

That same company led the sewing industry in Bulgaria by beginning to redirect its whole production to the missing on the market goods. Their facemasks are made from 100% cotton fabric with a specific weave and impregnated Teflon. The treads for the ears are waterproof and highly durable as well. The level of protection they deliver depends on their proper use, says advisors from Antoan Vill. You should not miss these important factors when you want to properly use a facemask: 

·         Before you put the mask on wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap

·          The mask should cover your mouth and

·          Do not touch the mask while wearing it

·         Wash it frequently after use

‘Our masks can be washed at 40 °C and can be ironed at high temperatures. That gives them reliable protection level even after multiple uses. , shared the CEO of Antoan Vill. ‘It is important to point out that the technological production and ergonomic design do let the air go through the fiber and the wearer feel comfortable while wearing it. That is important having in mind the government recommendation to wear a mask in open and closed public places. ‘, she adds.

Now the company is working towards a direction to deliver the highly needed facemasks to the community. So that everyone can feel safe and protected. Along with other recommendations from all the health organizations around the world, it is essential to prevent direct contact between hands and face. Wearing a facemask helps overcome that risk factor. 

Antoan Vill continues to accept orders at sales@antoanvill.com