Students from Ruse learn the details of the sewing industry in a real environment

A partnership between Ruse High School of Clothing and the leader in the sewing industry "Antoan Vill" helps high school students to have a successful career start. Working in real conditions enables students to acquire work habits, motivates them to be responsible, disciplined and curious about the profession they have chosen.

For several months now, Antoan Vill specialists have been introducing young people to the specifics of the working process by training them to use modern methods and techniques in the sewing industry. The program is part of the dual education of the high school, during which students majoring in "Design, modeling and technology of textile clothing" and the profession "Fashion Designer-technologist" find themselves in a completely real work environment and receive a salary for their work. "We have provided suitable and comfortable jobs, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures. This is a new educational model for us for professional development of future specialists. Being part of it, they assimilate the specifics of the profession, easily while working ", shares the manager of Antoan Vill – Mrs. Antoaneta Antonova.

The sewing industry is structurally determining for Ruse region and even in pandemic conditions, it turned out this was the business that first showed flexibility and shifted from the traditional sewing of clothes to the production of reusable masks. Even at a time when the world economy is in crisis, the industry needs well-trained staff. Such practices and partnerships between educational institutions and businesses enable companies to provide qualified specialists. The experts from the sewing company together with the students and their mentors from high school strictly follow the specifics of the dual training so it can be as effective as possible.

"Two days a week, our specialist takes care of these children and is responsible for them during this time. They have become part of our team. We have merged into this process because we think in this way, seeing the real work environment, children could understand there is nothing scary and difficult in working in production. No matter which professional direction they will follow from now on, even if it is in another field, they acquire a professional behavior and attitude that is very useful for them to master at this age ", adds Antoaneta Antonova. At Antoan Vill, high school students manage not only to be part of the production process, but also to sew tailor-made models for them. In this way, they learn all the steps of making a product.

Thanks to the partnership between the sewing company and the professional high school of clothing "Nedka Ivan Lazarova" new opportunities are created for raising the qualification of the future workforce in the sewing industry.