ANTOAN VILL EOOD is implementing a project to increase its production capacity and competitiveness

ANTOAN VILL EOOD is implementing a project to increase

its production capacity and competitiveness


The project "Technological modernization in the enterprise" is carried out within the framework of contract BG-RRP-3.004-2321-C01, procedure BG-RRP-3.004 "Technological modernization" of the National plan for recovery and sustainability, Component "Intelligent industry", Program for economic transformation. The project started on 26.03.2024 and is to be implemented in the next 12 months. The total value of the project is BGN 1,388,500.00, of which BGN 694,250.00 is free funding.


The general goal of the current project proposal is to increase the competitiveness and prospects for sustainable growth and development of ANTOAN VILL EOOD by expanding the production capacity and activity of the enterprise.


The specific objectives that will lead to the achievement of the main objective are:

• Expansion and modernization of the company's production facilities

• Digitization and optimization of the production processes of cutting, sewing, interoperational transportation and storage of finished products

• Improving the quality of manufactured products.


The successful implementation of the project will contribute to the addition of 7 pcs. new assets to the existing production facilities of ANTOAN VILL EOOD, as follows:


• 1 piece. automatic autonomous digitized high-speed pants cutting and sewing line with increased efficiency

• 5 pcs. modern and multifunctional sewing machines for finishing works

• 1 piece. transport suspended inter-operational and warehouse system.


The new assets will optimize the processes of cutting, sewing and finishing operations, as well as inter-operational transportation, storage, sorting and warehousing of finished products, helping to overcome production constraints. The high degree of digitization and automation of the production process will contribute to higher productivity and shortening the time to produce a unit of production. The high-tech characteristics of the assets will increase the quality of the products in terms of increased energy and resource efficiency of production and production costs.


Renovating and supplementing the technological base with new high-tech equipment will contribute to the increase of the production capacity of the company for the production of trousers by at least 70%, and in terms of overall production - by 50%. This will allow ANTOAN VILL EOOD to take on more, more diverse and more complex manufacturing orders, thus increasing its revenues and market presence in the country and abroad.


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